Anime Review: Daybreak Illusion


This is my first anime review, so please bear with me. I will be reviewing in the categories of Story, Music, Quality, and Enjoyment with a rating scale of 1-10. Please be aware that this post will contain spoilers.

Anyway, have you ever known something that tried to get a little of a another’s success? That is Daybreak Illusion in a nutshell. Let’s get started…

Overall, as stated before, Daybreak Illusion’s story is similar to that of another show, being Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica. Not just because they both try to be a darker anime, while still staying in the magical girl genre. Even two of the characters share the same voice actor, being Seira and Sayaka. Because it is so close to Madoka, comparisons are to be expected, and boy, are there a lot of them. I’ll try not to have this be a DaybreakMadoka comparison post. Anyway, the show revolves around four magical girls who use the power of the tarot cards fighting evil creatures called Daemonia. The Daemonia are people who are tempted into becoming one by an evil person named Cerebrum, who is the only Daemonia with free will. The main character, Akari Taiyo, is living with her aunt, uncle, and cousin. On the night of Akari’s mother’s death, her cousin, Fuyuna, attacks her as a Daemonia, to where Akari “awakens” as the user of the sun tarot card. Due to have being awakened, she subconsciously attacks the Daemonia. However, Akari is unique in that she can hear the creatures’ voices, and hears Fuyuna begging Akari to kill her. Akari does not realize that it is Fuyuna, and continues attacking. When Akari kills the Daemonia, she comes to see Fuyuna sprawled across her floor, dead, that’s when Akari finally realizes that she is the one who killed her. The next morning, everyone awakes to have no memory of Fuyuna, besides Akari. This is because when the Daemonia is killed, all memories of the person who turned into it are erased, except for the tarot card users. Later, Akari is taken to Seiphro Fiore, a “school” where the tarot card users live and are sent out on missions, run by 2 tarot card users, Etia Visconti and Ariel Valtiel Westcott. Akari is placed on a team with Seira Hoshikawa, Luna Tsukuyomi, and Ginka Shirokane. From there, it’s basically just a typical “Good Guys kill Bad Guys” plot for a while. That’s one of Daybreak’s Illusion’s flaws. It’s too predictable, and some of the episodes are boring. After the plot finally moves on, it is found out that each card user has a dark side to their card, one that is on the Daemonia’s side. Also, any injuries either person receives is also inflicted on the corresponding person. Because of this, Ginka is killed. A couple episodes later, it is discovered that the reason that Akari can hear what Daemonia say is because her father was a Daemonia. Because of this Cerebrum wants to mate with her and takes her to its own domain. When she comes into Cerebrum’s domain, Cerebrum puts Akari into a prison of sorts, where the night with Fuyuna is forever repeated in order for her to lose her sanity. However, on what would be the last cycle before Akari losing her sanity, she decides to talk with Fuyuna, to where she discovered why Fuyuna became a Daemonia. At the same time, the remaining girls break into the domain and try to break Akari out of her prison. When these two events are happening, Akari does break out of her prison, and they start to battle Cerebrum. Out of absolutely no where, and I mean NO WHERE, Ginka gets revived and joins the battle against Cerebrum. From there on, it’s pretty much what you expect: they defeat Cerebrum, and everything goes back to being all good.
Overall, the story is very predictable, and full of plot holes. And, as stated before, it is way too similar to Madoka☆Magica, making it that much more predictable.

Story: 6/10


Opening: Träumerei by LiSA
Ending: -Mirage- by Okamoto Natsumi

The music was good, but none of the songs really stuck in my head, aside from Träumerei. Träumerei is LiSA’s typical style if you have listened to her, which is metal and rock. -Mirage- was a “meh” song. The best part of it was the harpsichord at the beginning, but it doesn’t stay. The opening and endings are not as good as Madoka’s Connect (ClariS) and Magia (Kalafina), but’s still good. Träumerei is its saving grace, but it’s only one song.

Music: 8/10

The animation is decent, but not as good as the levels of Fate/Zero or even Sword Art Online. However, I do think that the animation is better than Madoka, though Madoka mainly focused on the show itself, and not the animation quality.

Animation: 8/10

I personally enjoyed watching Daybreak Illusion, despite its flaws. It would definitely be a show I recommend if you have nothing else to watch. Though if you do watch it, comparisons between it and Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica can’t be helped. Between Daybreak Illusion and Madoka☆Magica, I would choose Madoka in a heartbeat due to being able to remember the character’s names, and the awesome plot, among other things.

Enjoyment: 8/10

Total Score: 7.5/10


2 thoughts on “Anime Review: Daybreak Illusion

    • I know for sure that it is not the only anime piggybacking off of Madoka. In fact, the site TV Tropes said that it is one of many to piggyback of of it. But it is one of the more well known ones that piggyback off of it.

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