Single Review: Ring Your Bell by Kalafina


Release Date: May 13, 2015

Kalafina is a J-pop trio created and managed by Yuki Kajiura. It started in 2008 with the single oblivious for Kara no Kyoukai, then being a duo (Keiko, Wakana). 2 members joined later that year (Hikaru, Maya), though one member left after only one single (Maya). Other notable titles Kalafina has performed for include (but not limited to) Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica, Kara no Kyoukai.

Ring Your Bell was used for the 2nd ending theme for the anime Fate/stay night [unlimited blade works].

1. Ring Your Bell
2. こいびとの昔語りの夕暮れの (Koibito no Mukashigatari no Yuugure no)
3. Ring Your Bell (in the silence)
4. Ring Your Bell ~instrumental~

1. Ring Your Bell
Ring Your Bell starts off with some strings and electric guitar, but soon goes into Hikaru with lead. Despite Hikaru not sounding as good in her upper register lately, this is a nice surprise as she sounds very comfortable in it. Going back to the song, Wakana replaces Hikaru with lead at the last line of the 1st stanza (which is a little strange, but it sounds fine). Wakana continues with lead with the second part of the verse and the chorus, both of which have Hikaru doing the main harmony, and Keiko not doing as many of them. About halfway through the chorus, Wakana hits a note that sounds clearly computer aided, but she redeems herself with the next line. The chorus ends with them singing “Ring your bell and raise your song,” though the “raise” sounds more like “rise” because of how the Japanese pronounce things. The second verse and chorus are pretty similar to the first, but Wakana isn’t aided as much by the computer on that high note in the chorus, which sounds more powerful. The second chorus ends with a simple “Ring Your Bell” leading into the bridge. The first part of the bridge is pretty much completely in Kajiuriago (Yuki Kajiura’s made-up language), and the second part returns to them singing, this time having Keiko come in first, but soon replaced by Hikaru for the majority of the rest of it, but Wakana has the last couple lines. This then goes into the down chorus, before the instrumental comes back in (like Heavenly Blue). This chorus ends with a different part, leading into the end. The song ends with “Ring your bell,” and Wakana does a high note on the final note, which is a nice way to end the song. Overall, the song is their best song as of late, and is better than both Heavenly Blue and Believe. The song also follows Kalafina’s typical style a little more closely, and can be reminiscent of Misterioso, Symphonia and (the better parts of) Believe.

2. こいびとの昔語りの夕暮れの (Koibito no Mukashigatari no Yuugure no)
Koibito no Mukashigatari no Yuugure no is a darker and more serious song to balance the lighthearted and cheery Ring Your Bell. The song starts with Wakana coming in singing the song’s name. Hikaru replaces her as lead, striking a minor tone as well. Wakana comes back in, and has the lead for a time, while the song builds. When the song’s instrumental finally picks back up, Hikaru comes in sporting her badass Magia voice (and is probably the best part of the song). Unfortunately, it doesn’t last, as Wakana comes back in (but still sounds badass). Keiko follows with lead, before leading into the bridge with an electric guitar rift. Wakana comes back in with a filter over her voice, and is removed when she sings the same part a second time. The song ends the same as it began. Overall a solid song, but can get a little repetitive at times, as it pretty much the same string of notes over and over again. Songs similar to this include Magnolia, Aria and In Every Nothing.

3. Ring Your Bell (in the silence)
Ring Your Bell (in the silence) was used as the ending theme for Episode 15 of Fate/stay night [unlimited blade works], replacing Ring Your Bell. The entire song is in Kajiuriago. There is no Japanese (or other languages) in this song. Anyway, the song starts with Wakana through a filter, sing a melody that isn’t in Ring Your Bell. When the filter is removed, the trio starts singing Ring Your Bell‘s chorus (though still in Kajiuriago). The song ends with Wakana singing a high note. This is a nice remix of Ring Your Bell, and my biggest complaint is that the song is only a minute and a half long. What you hear in Ep. 15 of F/SN is the full version of the song, not a TV size version. Songs like it include Intermezzo and Kotonoha.

4. Ring Your Bell ~instrumental~
The title is self-explanitory.

Ring Your Bell is another solid addition to Kalafina’s lineup of songs, and as I said earlier, is probably one of their best songs as of late. Heavenly Blue and Believe were good, but both seemed like they were missing something (especially Believe). I highly recommend you give this song a listen, as I would say for all of the songs from my favorite music group.

Rating: 9/10
(In the silence is too short)

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