Drawing for Every (Other) Day- Day 1


Today I decided to do a quick sketch. If you can’t tell (which you probably can’t), this is Saber from Fate/stay night. I neglected to add any other features other than her eyes, nose, and mouth because I am focusing on trying to get facial proportions correct. Luckily, I have…… The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Drawing Manga! It includes an entire chapter for facial proportions, and gives a neat trick for aiding with it. Basically for the trick, you put a line down the center of the face, one each for the top and bottom of the eyes, one where the eye stops in comparison to the previously mentioned center line, one for the nose, and one for the mouth. I erased these lines, but you can still see the remnants of it in this picture. The trick in the book is the second picture.



For anyone who is wondering, I use Daler Rowney drawing pencils and kneaded eraser, a 9″ x 12″ Acid Free sketch pad, and various brands of colored pencils, mainly Crayola.


2 thoughts on “Drawing for Every (Other) Day- Day 1

  1. The drawing guide seems super helpful. It’s always amazing to me how much proportionately the eyes take up the face in manga/anime. It’s part is the appeal to the characters, though, I think. Are you going to finish this Saber or move to something else?


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