Drawing for Every (Other) Day- Days 3 and More

splatoon drawing fletchling drawingHNI_0001

I included a couple extra drawings for today because I am going on a church retreat next week and I will probably not be able to post any.

In order from top to bottom: Inkling Girl from Splatoon, Fletchling, Jirachi. The Fletchling and Jirachi drawings were made using the in-game lessons on Pokémon Art Academy. Both lessons were focusing on shading, with the Fletchling lesson focusing on hatching, and Jirachi on making a “loose, painterly feel to your work.”

I drew the Inkling Girl because today (May 29) the highly-awaited game Splatoon is releasing. Splatoon, in short, is a game where you fight to cover the most space on the playing field with your team’s color of ink (which is decided randomly). The Inklings, which are the avatars of the game, are able to turn back and forth between squid and humanoid forms. While in squid form, the player can hide in his/her own ink color, or move around quickly while in their ink color. The concept of the game may sound dumb, but then again, encapsulating monsters into small spaces and only letting them come out to do your bidding isn’t much better. Anyway, back to the game, the Inklings come in both a boy and a girl, and I chose to draw the female inkling because the male inkling’s design is weird he has a ponytail. Picture below.


For the other two drawings (Fletchling and Jirachi), as I stated earlier, they were made using the game’s in-game lessons. The lessons are there to teach you drawing skills, and you need the skill level to color something in to get started. If you can’t do that, I feel bad for you. The round of lessons that I am currently on are focusing on adding shading to your drawings. The first lesson of this round focuses on basic shading, a la typical anime shading.

Not my drawing.

Not my drawing.

The next 2 lessons, as stated before, focus on other types of shading, specifically hatching and a “loose” feel. The Fletchling drawing is drawn with pencil, and the Jirachi with paintbrush (both the in-game name of the tools). I was surprised at how easy the Fletchling drawing was, because I typically completely failed if I ever tried to do hatching before. Anyway, the drawing in the lesson had you keeping the higher-shaded parts on the head, eye, and tail yellow (the color of the background), but my OCD drawing instincts made me want to color it in, which I did (and no, I do not actually have OCD). The Jirachi drawing was more difficult than the other two. The paintbrush tool I found to be confusing, and didn’t like using it. I was tempted to delete it, but I decided not to. The paintbrush is not my forte (which is ironic because the tip that the “professor” gave afterward was to stay to the artist’s talents). What it’s supposed to look like (which I have no idea how he did) is below.

jirachi lesson

Game used: Pokémon Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS.


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