Drawing for Every (Other) Day- Day IDK.

agnes drawing

I am back (again)!! Really, I’ve just been busy bravely defaulting enemies in the 3DS game Bravely Default. Bravely Default is an RPG that was released for the 3DS in Japan on October 11, 2012, but didn’t make its way to the US until February 7, 2014. It is a critically acclaimed game, and is hailed as one of the best games on the 3DS. It is mainly acclaimed for its unique risk-reward battling system to where you could choose to not attack on a turn, which makes you able to attack multiple times on the next. If you attack more than you could and you end up going over, then you would have to wait until you could attack again. These are the “brave” and “default” choices. Brave is to attack more than once, Default is the choice not to move in a turn. I am anticipating the sequel, Bravely Second, which will come to the US sometime in 2016.

Anyway, only a few days ago did I bravely put a stop on playing the game and defaulted to going back to drawing. Today’s drawing is one of the main characters from Bravely Default, Agnès Oblige, vestal of wind and one of the prettiest video game names I’ve seen. Her name is pronouced “Ahn-yes” if anyone’s wondering. Below is a picture from the game of Agnès. The only difference is that I drew her in her vestal garb (a different outfit from the game), rather than her ordinary clothes because I couldn’t find a good enough picture of the head area that I could use as a reference. If I did bravely use one of those bad pictures for reference, it would probably end up looking bad and I would have to default on posting it.

Looks kind of like Homura....

Looks kind of like Homura…

Default game Bravely used: Pokémon Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS.


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