Drawing Every (Other) Day- Day “Why am I still putting ‘Day'”


Hello peeps, I am finally back to posting drawings! This drawing is Hikaru Masai from my favorite musical group, Kalafina. I did this for three reasons: 1) I wanted to draw a member from Kalafina. 2) It was Hikaru’s birthday last week (July 2). 3) Hikaru is my favorite member of Kalafina. This is based off of her picture from their latest single, Ring Your Bell (picture below)


Kalafina, if you do not know, is a J-pop trio, made up of vocalists Wakana Otaki (Soprano), Keiko Kubota (Contralto), and Hikaru Masai (Mezzo soprano). Their music is composed in full by one of Japan’s most well-known composers (of today), Yuki Kajiura. Kajiura has composed music for anime (among other things) as well, and some examples include: Sword Art Online (2012; 2014), Fate/Zero (2011), and Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011) She also is the producer/composer of another group by the name of FictionJunction. Keiko and Wakana are members of FictionJunction as well as Kalafina.


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