Kalafina LIVE THE BEST 2015 at Nippon Budokan “Red Day” / “Blue Day” Review

I’m calling, kimi wo mamotte agetakute~

Sorry, all these Kalafina songs are getting in my head (I don’t mind, though). It’s been a while since I’ve done something other than a drawing on the blog (other than that “One Light” post). Well, I’m here to talk about Kalafina’s recently released live, Kalafina LIVE THE BEST at Nippon Budokan “Red Day” / “Blue Day”. Before I get started, here’s the tracklist for each live.

NOTE: If a song is highlighted in that day’s color, that means that I think it was one of the best of the performance. I only am choosing 5 per performance.

Red Day:
1. prelude~misterioso
2. テトテトメトメ (Tetotetometome)
3. fantasia
4. ~MC01~
5. Lacrimosa
6. 輝く空の静寂には (Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa)
8. believe
9. moonfesta
10. neverending
11. ひかりふる (Hikari Furu)
12. 光の旋律 (Hikari no Senritsu)
13. when the fairy tale ends
14. fairytale
15. oblivious
16. Kyrie
17. consolation
18. 音楽 (Ongaku)
19. ~MC02~
20. 夢の大地 (Yume no Daichi)
21. overture~Eden
22. 胸の行方 (Mune no Yukue)
23. ~MC03~
24. アレルヤ (Alleluia)

Blue Day:
1. overture~storia
2. love come down
3. ~MC01~
4. 夏の林檎 (Natsu no Ringo)
5. I have a dream
6. seventh heaven
7. 未来 (Mirai)
8. 花束 (Hanataba)
9. 君の銀の庭 (Kimi no Gin no Niwa)
10. 満天 (Manten)
11. to the beginning
12. Numquam vincar
13. Magia[quattro]
14. destination unknown
15. signal
16. 音楽 (Ongaku)
17. heavenly blue
18. ~MC02~
19. snow falling
20. symphonia
21. overture~red moon
22. believe
23. ~MC03~
24. sprinter

Red Day can be found here.
Blue Day can be found here.

NOTE: If the link comes up on a blank page reading “站长统计”, just refresh the page.

Ok now to the official review, please don’t kill me for making you scroll through that!

I’ll start with Blue Day (3/1/2015):
The girls get lifted on to the stage one at a time, and waste no time going in to Storia. For this performance of Storia (and the next few songs), I felt like it was a mediocre performance of the song, mainly because Hikaru wasn’t performing that well (which will become a common theme). For the most part, she seemed pretty shaky and nasally, especially towards the beginning. In Natsu no Ringo, instead of Wakana finishing the chorus and Hikaru taking the “fue no ne ga” part immediately afterwards like normal, Hikaru took the final line of the chorus and Wakana had the “fue no ne ga” part. But Hikaru (sort of) redeemed herself in the next song, I have a dream and certainly not because she didn’t have many singing parts. As you can see, I have a dream is highlighted in the tracklist above, which means that it’s one of the best of the performance. Now I get a chance to talk about Wakana! She is absolutely beautiful in this song, and gives a performance that is very dreamy. I feel like that towards the end of 2014, Wakana got very weak all of a sudden, and sounded very honky (Example: in this performance of Heavenly Blue at Animax Musix). This performance (and really the whole live) show that she’s over that and is back to sounding like a goddess. Anyway, back to I have a dream. Nothing new for the second verse/chorus, except that part beginning with “Haru ga kuru” is absolutely beautiful. And for the rest of the song, I have no complaints other than Hikaru (yet again) sort of yells her part of the Kajiuriago bridge, when Wakana goes into the higher part. But watching the performance of the song at the Red Moon live in 2010, Hikaru still yells it, though not as noticeable. For the end of the song, the part that I touched on being beautiful before (now starting with “Asa ga kuru” like the 1st chorus), is even more beautiful with Hikaru’s harmony in it. Lastly, Rie Akagi’s flute solo at the end gave me the feels, as it’s beautiful (using that again for lack of a better word). For the next few songs in the live, they continue, with not many comments from me. Though for Hanataba, Hikaru’s shaky-ness is beneficial because it makes her sound weak and vulnerable, which fits the mood of the song. And the accordion has a nice intro that is different from the original. Numquam vincar is one of the OSTs from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and is used as the intermission song for the live. I personally liked this piece, as it was very intense, with the lights going absolutely crazy during it. After Numquam vinvar, the intro to Magia began, and then…


Yes, Kalafina epically enters through the audience of the Nippon Budokan, and make their way up to the stage. Once they finally reach the stage, the official intro to Magia[quattro] begins. During the song, you would have never guessed that Hikaru had problems during the rest of the live, because she sounds so strong in her darker voice (I’m just going to call it her “Magia” voice from now on). However, it does continue like any other performance of Magia, except during the instrumental bridge. The girls do some weird dance, that isn’t on tempo, and doesn’t fit with the song. I feel pretty much the same about all that I said for Magia for Destination Unknown, minus the dance. Like Magia, Destination Unknown is pretty much the same as other performances of the song, except for the “yuku no” at the end. Hikaru probably holds out one of the longest notes she’s ever held, and is held out for an astonishing 14 seconds (I timed it)!! This is even more impressive as she herself has admitted to having trouble with long notes. I wish I could highlight the song as well, but, as I said above, I’m only choosing 5 songs for each performance. For Signal and/or Ongaku, this is all I’m going to say (er… show):

wakana hot


Must peel eyes away from Wakana… Heavenly Blue starts immediately from the ending of Ongaku. Hikaru sounds fine on the verses. Wakana…. how should I put this…. YOUR VOICE IS HEAVENLY!! Remember how I said that Wakana was “absolutely beautiful” in I have a dream? Well, multiply that by 10 to see how good she is here. This all goes for Symphonia as well. Last (but not least) of what I’m going to talk about for Blue Day: Red Moon (why did they put Red Moon on Blue Day?). This performance of Red Moon is one of their best performances of the song, possibly rivaling their performance of it at the Red Moon live in 2010. I would say the only mediocre less than stellar part of the performance was Hikaru’s parts in the verse. She sounded fine on the chorus because she was using her Magia voice. This day’s performance of believe was better than Red Day’s (I’ll touch more on it in the Red Day paragraph). After Sprinter, the girls went around introducing/congratulating the musicians a second time (1st was in Signal), and did their Budokan Walk. A “Budokan Walk”, if you don’t know, is a tradition where a musician/singer walks to all the parts of the stage at the Nippon Budokan, and bow/wave at each part at the end of a performance. I, as probably a lot of people were, was expecting them to shed some tears during this (or at least Wakana, as she’s apparently a very emotional person), but they surprisingly didn’t.

One giant paragraph down, one to go… *sigh*

Now for Red Day (2/28/2015):
For this day, the girls are lifted all together onto the stage, and go into misterioso as their opening song. Like in Blue Day, Hikaru just wasn’t performing well during these lives, and she is unfortunately worse on Red Day. For Tetotetometome (and other songs like Moonfesta, the girls do a weird yet ridiculous dance during instrumental parts. The only song that their dance goes to in the least bit would be Tetotetometome. Here’s an example:

Kalafina dansu!

Kalafina dansu!

Yes, I picked Fantasia as one of the best of this performance, despite it being a Hikaru lead song. I mainly chose it because of 2 reasons: Hikaru strangely sounds comfortable in her part, despite her not performing as well in other parts, and that the strings have a really cool part during the chorus from the 8 string players there.

…Crud, I forgot to mention the string players. In these two lives, there were 8 string players there, as opposed to just Hitoshi Konno, the violin player (Konno is a part of this 8). On to their songs from the anime series “Black Butler”: Lacrimosa and Kagayaku sora no shijima ni wa. The reason I chose Lacrimosa was sort of a cop-out. I didn’t see any other songs that would be good enough… Anyway on to the next song! *checks list* Oh, it’s Aria… Oh dear. I hate to say this, but this is easily their weakest performance of Aria. I’m going to leave you with that so I don’t get hate comments. Unfortunately, their next few songs (really up until Hikari no Senritsu except for Believe) weren’t that great. So, let’s skip talking about all those songs and dive straight in to Hikari no Senritsu! For this performance, they welcome back Rie Akagi for the flute part, like in Consolation’s performance of the song. Hikaru is back to sounding strangely comfortable on her part in the verses, though not as comfortable in Fantasia. But then Wakana takes over the lead. Or as I should probably say, the Angel of Light takes over the lead (get it? cause Hikari no Senritsu means “Melody of Light” *crickets chirping*) …Anyway, Wakana’s stellar during her parts on this song, like most of the rest of the live. And if you think all I’ve talked about is for the entire song, then you are unfortunately wrong. It gets even better. For the chorus, the 8-part strings come back, creating a chorus to fanboy all over (especially because Hikari no Senritsu is my personal favorite Kalafina song). With Wakana & the strings, it really sounds like Sora no oto hibike in the auditorium (cause “Sora no..” is the 1st line of the chorus, and it means “the sound of the sky resounds.” *crickets stop chirping because that pun was even worse*)! Rie Akagi has another flue solo during the instrumental, and it’s just as good as the original and the one from Consolation. Unfortunately, during the vocal bridge, Hikaru’s voice stands out because it cracks a couple times during it, where it’s supposed to have Hikaru & Wakana’s voices blend together. And to end my rambling over this song, I’m going to say one more thing: Hikaru’s “ashita o kanaete” sounds a lot better than in the Consolation live. Skipping the intermission song, when the fairy tale ends, I’m going to say one thing about Fairytale: What the girls do during the intro it really cool. The lights are off, and what would happen is that every few seconds, a spotlight would come on on one of the girls, each in a different location and pose every time. Here’s a picture of one of the poses:

Even more Kalafina dansu! ...Sort of.

Even more Kalafina dansu! …Sort of.

On to the next Kara no Kyoukai song (and their debut single), Oblivious! I’m not going to say much about it, because it would sound exactly like what I’ve said about the other Wakana lead songs. My only comment about this song is that Hikaru’s “ahhhs” look lip-synced (How dare you do that, Kalafina!). I’m not going to say anything about the next few songs (Kyrie through Eden), other than they sounded fine. So that leaves Mune no Yukue and Alleluia. For Mune no Yukue, I’m just going to talk about the engrish english chorus. I don’t think Wakana pronounced the English in this performance as well as the other performances of this song, as she sang “let me roll in the liber of live.” And last but not least (and possibly the best of the entire live), Alleluia. I could describe this performance of Alleluia in one word: Perfect. Everything was virtually flawless in this, from both the singing to the background (Picture below). That last “Alleluia” that Keiko sung gave me the feels.



Final Thoughts:

Phew, glad that’s over… Overall, I was very pleased with these lives, even if Hikaru wasn’t performing to her highest. Wakana made up for it. In terms of song choice, I only wish that they had done Progressive or Obbligato at some point during it, but considering Hikaru’s form during it, not doing Progressive was probably a good idea…

Anyway, thanks for reading, and look forward to my reviews of Kalafina’s upcoming releases, being their single, One Light (Release Date: 8/12/2015), and their album, Far on the Water (Release: 9/16/2015)!


One thought on “Kalafina LIVE THE BEST 2015 at Nippon Budokan “Red Day” / “Blue Day” Review

  1. Wow-that was a lot of work! Very cool, I got a feel not just for the songs but the staging as well. So surprised to see you waxing so eloquently about Wakana (since Hikaru tends to be your fave ;)), especially saying she sounds like a goddess. 🙂 (High praise indeed.) But we all have our better and worse performances, right?


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