The Sole Papermoon


The paper sliver of light shone high in the sky, nothing piercing its far-off rays but a sole cloud slowly making its across the black tapestry called “night.”

Featured Song: Tommyheavenly6- Papermoon

PS: I’m really late on this, but this edit was originally for Halloween. I’ve mainly been preoccupied with school, and it doesn’t help that I tend to procrastinate… *sigh*

PSS: This has nothing to do with the second opening to Soul Eater, even if the featured song is from that anime. I wasn’t watching Soul Eater when I made this (though I currently am), and I wasn’t aware that the second opening was named “Papermoon.” I just thought it sounded cool, and fit the image. Btw, that song is really cool, and I would say it’s one of the best OPs I’ve heard from an anime.


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