That Cerulean Space


It was a simple plane; only a thin stripe of white raced across the faded blue body. Yet, this simple plane held the limitless power to take oneself anywhere they dared. Anytime the plane departed the landing pad, everything became a monochrome cerulean dream. This sky-blue arena was the portal. It served as the transport device to take people where they chose to, with no limits. Those fake wings let one leave the cynical world, through the angel gate, into the heavenly blue. When the plane found its climax, it looked like nothing but a small ant reaching up to kiss the sky. The people below didn’t understand. They said that it was purely impossible to kiss the sky; they thought I was delusional. Well, I have one simple word to say to them: HA! They would know the joys of entering that cerulean world if they only thought about the opportunity that was blatantly laid out in front of their faces. They would then be able to open up with this magical world.

Featured Song: Kalafina- むすんでひらく (Musunde Hiraku)
(Click the play button about 1/4 down the page)


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