Voice of Sweet Melancholy


She could save the freezing, stone cold world. Yet, they didn’t listen. No matter how many times she sang her heart out, no one cared to listen. Her voice carried a melancholy, melodramatic to it, yet still gave subtle hints of a bright future to come. It shows that the average person has endured many hardships, yet still has a small, fragile ray of hope shining through. The voice of an angel, perhaps. The jet black-wearing angel was the sole person who could warm the hearts those who had grown cold. She knew why they didn’t bat an eye to her- they thought she was a fraud. They believed she didn’t have any talent; she was another girl with their childish dream of success. Despite this, the girl was determined to melt the cold souls of the world in any way she could with her voice.

Featured Song: FictionJunction WAKANA- 水の証 (Mizu no Akashi)

Photo: Screenshot from FictionJunction’s stone cold PV (2011).


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