Hidden Cerulean


In the midst of darkness, the sky we’re dreaming of is so blue.

eternal blue /FictionJunction (2012)

The gentle, calm tone of her voice suddenly turned harsh as she sang the line. Perhaps it was to reinforce that the one thing that gives them hope is the blue sky, or perhaps it was just to build into the chorus. Anyway, when I was looking at the lyrics for FictionJunction’s song, eternal blue, this line really resonated with me. Even though I have listened to the song many times, I had never bothered to look at the translation for the song. After looking at it, however, I say without a doubt that the lyrics are absolutely beautiful. If you did not guess from that line already, the song is mainly about holding on to even a small sprinkle of hope, even in a time where it has seemed that all hope has been lost, and one fights for getting to a state of happiness. Some other lines from the song that really resonated with me include, “I believe in a place
where I can exist as myself”, and “Soon dawn will come, and as I continue to sleep within a nook of despair that knows nothing even of radiance, you wish to meet me.”

Featured song: if it’s not obvious enough already, FictionJunction- eternal blue
Translation here.

Photo credit goes to Melissa D. Johnston, better known to me as “mom.”
Photo edits created by me.


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