Seafoam Sentiment

A boy climbs over a chunk of sandy rubble, walking to the place he once called home. He hasn’t been here in years, not since the “bad guys” attacked. He remembers that grim day, even though he was but the age of 4. He was walking home from the store with his mother, admiring her beautiful seafoam necklace, when the earth rent open not a block from their home. Bombs exploded, gunshots fired from all directions. His mother told him to get away, and that she will run back to get the rest of the family in the house nearby. “I’ll see you soon, my love. You’ll be okay. I’ll always be with you,” she said, tears in her eyes, as she departs in the opposite direction. Following his mother’s advisement, he sprints in the opposite direction, not looking back even once.

“We’re here,” his guide said. The square of wreckage that was once his home looks unrecognizable. There is no evidence that someone lived there. After looking around for a short time, he catches a glimpse of something shining, buried beneath some sand. He walks closers, allowing him to decipher what the object is. A seafoam-colored necklace lies on the ground. He picks it up and clasps it in his hands, remembering his mother’s words.

“I’ll always be with you.”


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