Birthday post, I guess :P

This year I wasn’t planning to do a birthday post, not until this happened to come up while I was playing with a friend on Animal Crossing: New Leaf last night. In the game, K.K. Slider (the guitar- wielding dog pictured above) plays songs for you on his guitar on Saturday nights, and you can request songs for him to play. If it happens to be the Saturday prior to your birthday, then he will play a special song that can only be played/requested then: K.K. Birthday. Afterwards was where this screenshot was taken, when he said “happy birthday from the music”. Now, I know this sounds like a big hippie-style quote and K.K. is portrayed as somewhat of a hippie, but it still doesn’t change the message. Since music means a lot to me, probably being one of the things that is most sacred to me, when this line was spoken I got goosebumps XD. It’s not every year you get wished a happy birthday by a shapeless/formless concept. Anyway, thanks for reading me ramble on for a paragraph.

Here’s K.K. Birthday if anyone wants to listen to it


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