Frozen Time ~short ver~

Composition/Arrangement/Lyrics: Westkana
Vocal: TBA

This song is part of a collaboration with a friend. We’re making our own opening animation to an anime that we together came up with. I’m composing the music (this song), and he will be doing the video now that I’m finished with my part. He also has a friend who may sing the lyrics when it’s finished, so look forward to the completed project! ^w^

Lyrics (Piano Lead):

Standing in blankness, I see now
Time is frozen

If every word was just a lie,
Could you still let them
Intrude your sky?

Facing everything
I can’t speak
Darkness and fear ’round me
Where are we?
I’m trapped in this pirouette

Piercing gales push us down the road where we can’t return to
Fighting on towards that one day where we can have freedom
Skies above like a cerulean spring morning
Stretching vainly on
to that guiding star
In daydreams of frozen time


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