Vote for Kalafina for 2020 Tokyo Olympics Closing Ceremony!

Recently, a poll containing many Japanese music artists was opened, to where the winner will perform at the closing ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Though the Rio Olympics have only just started, there’s no reason to not get in some early voting for Kalafina in (or another group if you decide to do so). You can vote once per day, and the link to vote is towards the bottom of the page. The link to it is in English, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find:

Seafoam Sentiment

A boy climbs over a chunk of sandy rubble, walking to the place he once called home. He hasn’t been here in years, not since the “bad guys” attacked. He remembers that grim day, even though he was but the age of 4. He was walking home from the store with his mother, admiring her beautiful seafoam necklace, when the earth rent open not a block from their home. Bombs exploded, gunshots fired from all directions. His mother told him to get away, and that she will run back to get the rest of the family in the house nearby. “I’ll see you soon, my love. You’ll be okay. I’ll always be with you,” she said, tears in her eyes, as she departs in the opposite direction. Following his mother’s advisement, he sprints in the opposite direction, not looking back even once.

“We’re here,” his guide said. The square of wreckage that was once his home looks unrecognizable. There is no evidence that someone lived there. After looking around for a short time, he catches a glimpse of something shining, buried beneath some sand. He walks closers, allowing him to decipher what the object is. A seafoam-colored necklace lies on the ground. He picks it up and clasps it in his hands, remembering his mother’s words.

“I’ll always be with you.”





I believe in all of us, there is a spirit of adventure. A need to be free. Free to go to your own destinations. Free to not be hindered by a deadline or schedule. Free of murder. Free of discrimination. Free of hurting. Free of pain. Free of sadness. How one is able to achieve true freedom is not a set path, but rather different per person. There will be many trials and blockades (ironically) on the path, but when those instances arise, one must stand firm to their beliefs and assure themselves that they will be able to overcome it.

Summer Daze


I’ve been in summer school for the month of June.

Now don’t be worried about me or my grades, it’s not because I failed a class. In reality, it’s exactly the opposite. Since my high school only has room for two elective classes (one of which is foreign language), students can choose to take PE and Health over the summer instead of during the school year to get ahead and get the credits which are required to graduate. Since I would rather take an elective of my choice during the year instead of those classes, I decided to do that. I will be taking the art elective. Unfortunately, this means that I will no longer be participating in band (which is an incredibly hard thing to leave since I loved my 8th grade band class), but I am looking forward to seeing what the art class is like.

Problem with People: Guns make it easy

My thoughts exactly. I know it’s a really left position, but I agree.


Bigger Picture

I’m lucky enough to have grown up in Australia and have only ever known strict gun laws. I couldn’t be more glad that my country has taken this stance on firearms: I don’t live in fear when attending university classes, watching movies, or going out to clubs. Sadly, it is a reality that I often overlook, that not all countries have this luxury.

The saying “guns don’t kill people; people kill people” is technically true, but guns make it a lot easier to kill a greater number of people with far less effort. The only purpose of a gun is to destroy a target. Why should any civilian feel the need to own such a device? Especially civilians in developed countries! Sure, knives, axes, hell even baseball bats can kill, but that isn’t the main function of these tools.

It would be naive to say that simply making guns harder…

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Kalafina “Hikari no Senritsu” String Ensemble Arrangement

This is my arrangement of the TV size version of 光の旋律 (Hikari no Senritsu; Melody of Light; sung by Kalafina) made for a string ensemble. I am submitting it in canta-per-me forum’s album of song cover for composer Yuki Kajiura’s birthday. The date that the album will be sent to Kajiura on the day of her birthday, August 6. Some other songs that will be covered by members include ひかりふる (Hikarifuru; Kalafina), vanity (Emily Bindiger), and 風の街へ (Kaze no Machi e; FictionJunction KEIKO).

I hope you enjoy my arrangement and enjoy all the other covers when the album is completed!

The arrangement was created in sheet the music program “MuseScore”. You can download the sheet music here:



Believe that the time comes for every life to sing!

We’re laughing,
Let’s keep laughing.
We’ll cut a path in this sea of tears.

-Kalafina, アレルヤ (Alleluia)

Featured Song: Kalafina- アレルヤ (Alleluia)

Full Lyrics Here.

Side Note: Kalafina’s “アレルヤ” (Alleluia) single was originally released on my birthday, October 2, in 2013.

Picture taken at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia.



In the tears we were born in,
how many times to people scream?
The collapsed dream,
inside the shadows

To stay alive-
Why does that simple karma bring pain
instead of happiness?

-Kalafina, red moon (2010)

Featured song: Kalafina- red moon

Full Lyrics:

Sorry I haven’t been posting much since the beginning of the year. Though we’ve finished the moving process, it seems as if every teacher assigned something at once, and I get in a mad rush to finish it all.

Diverging Boundaries


Two souls come towards that light, driving nonstop towards it. Despite the angry, unrelenting skies, they still make their way towards it. A lone, frail cable connects them to the light, a sign of how fragile and brittle a connection they have to what they will be.

Featured Song: Kalafina- One Light

Originally entered into PicsArt’s “Mirror Mania” contest. #wapMirrorMania

Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently, and that this post’s rambling story wasn’t as in detail as past ones. My family has been in the process of moving, so I haven’t had much free time to focus on doing this. I hope that I will be able to post more once everything settles down XD.